Services Offered

Though I specialize in information marketing content like white papers and case studies, I’ve written a great variety of pieces for my clients and am happy to discuss your particular project, whatever it might be.

• White Papers: I prepare white papers and position papers. As an example, I recently wrote Saving When Repaving—how to cut manhole raising expenses by 81% while extending pavement life for American Highway Products. Another job—actually a blend of white paper and magazine article—was for Bentley Systems, the world’s leading maker of infrastructure design software. I prepared a long report for them about Smart Geometry, a cutting edge architectural technique—the report positioned Bentley as one of the important thought leaders in this emerging movement, and the resulting Cadalyst article is now the number 3 overall result for the important Google keyword phrase, “Generative Design.”

• Case Studies and Articles: I’ve published hundreds of articles and case studies in Municipal Sewer & Water, Roads & Bridges, Cadalyst, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Public Works, Civil Infrastructure, U.S. Water News, Mother Earth News, the San Francisco Chronicle, American Surveyor, and dozens of other journals. I handle all interviews and research, arrange for images, can prospect your clients to find suitable candidates for case studies, and work directly with magazine editors as needed. Case study clients include Trimble Navigation, the world’s largest maker of surveying and GPS equipment, Bentley Systems, the leading maker of engineering software and the world’s largest privately held software company, and about two dozen additional firms.

• Ghostwriting: I edit and write books and other long form material as needed, to order. My role can range from light editing to the writing of every word—that’s up to you.

• Newsletters: I create, layout, edit, and write newsletters for a variety of firms. Since I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and especially InDesign, I can handle anything or everything, from graphics, to font choices, to creation of logos, mastheads, charts and graphs, to the writing and editing of content. I can then transmit the newsletter to the printer of your choice, or find a printer for you.

• Video Scripts: I’ve written video scripts for several clients—here’s an example. If you’re putting together videos (and that’s a very good idea) I can write a script that sells your product and is easy to produce. I can also work with your video company, and can put you in touch with excellent documentary and commercial filmmakers.

• Catalog Copy: I created new copy, and rewrote old copy, for Berntsen International’s entire survey equipment catalog, as part of their successful effort to renew their brand and refocus the catalog as a general surveying and engineering equipment provider. I’ve also prepared successful Google AdWords campaigns for Berntsen, and written expanded catalog copy focusing on new products.

• Web Pages: I prepare web page copy to order, and revise existing pages. I know how to analyze your content for appropriate search keywords and phrases, and optimize your web pages so that they rank more highly on Google searches for search terms that are relevant to your business.

• User’s Manuals: I have prepared a user’s manual and other instructional material for Schonstedt Instruments, the leading maker of magnetic and utility locators.

• Sales Writing: I prepare brochures, landing pages, direct mail sales letters, and email letters using tested sales techniques such as selling headlines, benefits-oriented copy, strong leads, selling closes, and other writing that generates leads and sells products and services.

• Advertisements: In addition to writing I do a little graphic design, and am able to turn out ready to print advertisements, flyers or posters with clean graphics and persuasive text. I can also propose text, images, and headlines that sell your products and generate leads.

• Speeches and PowerPoints: I can provide notes or a script for a speech, prepare handouts, and script or prepare PowerPoint presentations.

• President’s Letters and Annual Reports: I have prepared formal communications from company presidents and CEOs, for their signature, that explain company policies to shareholders and clients.

• Editing and Abstracting: I have worked with survey magazines and several infrastructure businesses (such as Bentley Systems, one of the world’s largest makers of design software) to edit and revise existing writing as needed. For example, I have taken rough ideas from an R&D vice-president and turned them into a finished article for publication in a major trade journal.

• Case Study Prospecting: I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone talking to clients, and if you’d like me to work through a list and turn up prospects for testimonials and case studies, I’d be happy to take that on.

I don’t mean to brag, but the fact is I am a talented, versatile writer with a good background in technology and infrastructure (I’ve been an engineering software dealer, and worked for 14 years as a survey manager at large engineering/consulting firms) and I’m usually able to get up to speed quickly and successfully complete your writing projects.

Please call to discuss any particular project—initial consultations are always free.


Angus W. Stocking

Angus W. Stocking, L.S., is a licensed land surveyor who now prepares information marketing content for the infrastructure industry.


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