Ten Ways To Market With Case Studies

Case studies are a credible, versatile way to get your sales message across. Potential customers appreciate them as part of any marketing effort. Once created, you can use them for years, and they’re cost-effective compared to more ephemeral marketing efforts because they are so easy to leverage. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your case studies.

1) Use them as press releases. Case studies can quickly be adapted into press releases. Be sure to note in the release that a more detailed, expanded case study version is available. Editors might pick it up as a story.

2) Mail or email them to prospects and customers. This is a terrific way to keep in touch, raise awareness about a new product or service, and convert prospects into customers.

3) Give them to sales. Salespeople and business development reps love case studies. They use them in presentations, to illustrate key points and as ‘leave behinds’. Because they are real-life examples of your product in action, they’re often more convincing than sales brochures, and they’re better for closing.

4) Post them on your web site. Want to improve traffic to your site? Adding new, valuable content is a proven strategy. A case study certainly qualifies, and they can be SEO optimized very easily.

5) Use them as stories in your newsletter or ezine. Success stories based on real-world applications get the highest readership in company newsletters and ezines.

6) As a speaking topic. When an executive needs to give a talk at a meeting or conference, case studies make excellent presentations. The content can easily be converted into PowerPoint slides. The printed case study itself can be used as a handout.

7) In lead-generation programs. Case studies make terrific “free giveaways” in an ad, email, direct mailer and on a website. In direct marketing terms, case studies are ‘Information Premiums.’ They work!

8) As testimonials. Testimonials help make benefits believable. The quotes gleaned from happy customers for the case study can also be used—with permission, of course—in ads, brochures, websites and more.

9) As a trade show handout. Case studies are a great way to break through the clutter of flyers and brochures that permeate trade shows. Some clients even have case studies enlarged and printed for trade show posters!

10) As trade journal articles. The publications you advertise in are often open to editorial supplied by you, and case studies are the basis of great articles. Ask your ad reps about the editorial calendar, and if upcoming issues would work for an article about your product.


Need some help turning your great projects into great case studies? Give me a call—I’ve written hundreds of case studies for clients like Autodesk, Trimble Navigation, Leica Geosystems, AP/M Permaform, Berntsen International, and American Highway Products.



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