Big Firm? You Need White Papers. Small Firm? YOU Need White Papers!

In the past few months, I’ve produced white papers for:

• A global technology consortium establishing thought leadership in an emerging area of precision measurement.

• A mid-sized U.S. firm introducing a new marking technology to the utility industry.

• A small sewer equipment firm differentiating their manhole riser from competing products.

• A trade association that needed to educate municipal sewer departments about the role of their trenchless solution in sewer maintenance programs.

And these are just a few of the widely differing clients that contact me. Different firms, different goals, and different white papers of course… but there is something they all have in common; they all have technical solutions they want to sell to technical people.

A company’s need for white papers isn’t determined by how big or small they are, or even by the kinds of solutions they sell. Rather, a company’s need for white papers is determined by its customers! If your firm is selling technology to the kinds of people that know technology, then you need more than brochures. You need case studies, user stories, graphs, charts, videos, and other educational content that makes your case with logic and facts, not sweet words.

Most of all, you need white papers.

As explained in my own white paper, Information Marketing in Infrastructure, technology buyers value white papers more than any other marketing content. Studies show that 71-percent of technology buyers read white papers “frequently.” 80-percent will register for a white paper (compared to just 38-percent who will register for a demo) and 57-percent will even pass the white paper on to other people in their companies!

How often do you think your brochures get passed on? How often do you think they end up in the round file?

The best way to sell technology solutions is to educate your customers. When your firm becomes a trusted source of useful information, buyers will naturally turn to you when they have problems. And white papers are the best available educational marketing content. They’re like mini-textbooks—textbooks that teach customers that they need your solution. By producing and distributing white papers a firm positions itself as expert, generates qualified leads, prevails in long sales cycles, expands into new markets, increases referrals… and the list goes on. All of these good results can be had at relatively low cost. In fact, given their usefulness and longevity, and the way they can be repackaged as needed, white papers are easily the most cost-effective form of marketing content.

When I work with a firm to produce relevant white papers, I always begin by learning about the firm’s customers—what are their needs and fears, what do they need to know before they buy. Then I learn everything I can about the subject of the white paper and the challenges it faces. By keeping the focus on the buyers, I can write truly useful white papers that will be cornerstone content for your marketing program; after all, truly useful content will be kept for reference and make sales for years, even if a sales rep never calls.

If you’re an infrastructure firm selling technical solutions to knowledgeable buyers, I’d like to write white papers and other content for you. I call it B2E, Business-to-Engineer Marketing, and I’m good at it. Let’s work together to educate your customers and make more sales!

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Angus W. Stocking, L.S., is a licensed land surveyor who now prepares information marketing content for the infrastructure industry.


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